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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total hip replacement (THR) involves replacement of both the ball (femur) and socket (acetabulum) of the hip joint. The femoral component is a modular one, consisting of a stem (made of metal such as cobalt-chrome or titanium) and head-neck (made of metal or ceramic). The acetabular component can be made of ceramic, metal or plastic (UHMWPE). The components are fixed to the parent bone by either bone cement (cemented hips) or by natural bone ingrowth/ on growth over special porous or roughened surfaces (uncemented hips). Uncemented hips are costlier than cemented hips, and are supposed to have longer survivorship.

Diseases of the hip are commonly seen in young people, and hence, hip replacements should have high survivorship over 30 to 40 years. This has been achieved with the newer high-performance bearing materials like ceramic, oxinium and highly cross-linked poly. Hence, unlike knee replacements, hip replacements can even be done in adolescents, if required.

Dr. Vinay is Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in ECIL have 10 years of experience consulting and performing hip procedures and have conducted over thousands of total hip replacement surgeries with extremely high success rates and long term patient satisfaction.

World leading expertise, years of experience, the latest diagnostic technology, and a focus on exceptional patient care

What Happens During Hip Replacement Surgery
The damaged sections of your hip joint will be removed and replaced with implants made from metal, ceramic or plastic, or a combination of the 3 materials. Your new artificial joint, also called a prosthesis will help increase your range of motion, reduce pain and increase mobility.

Before surgery
You will have a general physical and clinical examination. This will include a blood tests, questions about your medical history, and a thorough examination of your hip to assess its range of motion and the strength of surrounding muscles. In addition you will undergo X-rays of your chest and pelvis.

During the surgery
The surgeon will make an incision over the front or side of your hip. They will then proceed to remove any damaged bone and cartilage, leaving healthy bone intact.
Next the prosthetic socket will be implanted into your pelvic bone, replacing the damaged socket. Following this, the ‘round ball’ on top of your femur will be replaced with the prosthetic ball, which in turn is then attached to a stem that fits into your thighbone

After the surgery
You will be transferred to our recovery ward while your anesthesia wears off. Our UK trained doctors and nurses will monitor your vitals and administer any pain medication to ensure you are comfortable. Our inpatient physical therapists will assist you with a course of exercises to speed recovery both in the hospital and when you are back at home.

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People Say

I have got surgery from Dr Vinay Kumar. He has been explained everything in clear each and every step. My ACL legend was damaged due to bike skid. Even he helped in insurance without investing singer penny from my side expect small diagnosis which is required and not covered in insurance. I Will say he is one of the best doctor in Hyderabad in orthopedic.

People Say

My Mother Lalitha underwent surgery of hip under Dr Vinay sir, he took good care of my mother since we came and the surgery went well. Once they shifted my mom to room side the nurses care was good and following day Physiotherapy was done by which my mom is happy and thank you one and all for wonderful services