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Dr. Vinaykumar H

MBBS, MS Orthopaedics
Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Sports medicine.
Fellowship in Joint Replacement
Senior Consultant Orthopaedics
Srikara Hospitals

Knee, Hip & Shoulder Clinic was established in 2010 as a one-of-its-kind center specializing in knee and shoulder problems. The motto of the clinic has been “patient-centric approach”. Dr. Vinay Kumar is Best Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad and fully trained and accomplished in all aspects of Knee replacement  and Shoulder surgery. Have been providing quality care for over 10 years.

We Dr Vinay Ortho Care provides state-of-the-art treatment of all adult and childhood bone and joint related disorders, including fractures, dislocations, bone tumors, bone and joint infections, limb deformities and arthritis. We have an expert multidisciplinary team to cater outpatient consultations, inpatient surgical treatment and post-operative rehabilitation. 

We have an excellent success rate in all types of joint replacement surgeries, including primary, complex and Revision knee replacement  and Revision hip replacements .

Dr. Vinay is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon who specializes in shoulder surgery and arthroscopy. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in diagnosing and treating a range of shoulder conditions, including rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocations, and labral tears

Why choose Dr. Vinay Ortho Care

5+ Years Of Experience

Dr Vinay Kumar has more than 5 years of rich experience overall in Orthopedic surgeries and still counting!

500+ Joint Replacements

500 plus happy patients with successful knee, hip and shoulder replacements.

2,000+ Successful Surgeries

Dr. Vinay Kumar has successfully done more than 2,000+ orthopedic surgeries.

10,000 Happy Patients

More than 10,000 patients across India are successfully treated for their bone and joint- problems.

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What our patients say

Hi, I am Saikiran I have done ACL surgery in Raghavendra srikara Hospital the response of the hospital staff is good. DR Vinaykumar sir explain about ACL tear surgery before and after surgery and now Iam Happy with my surgery and now I am getting recovery.
DR VINAY kumar Surgery went well and the way doctor treats the patient is really good. And personally Vinay sir monitor the patient. We undergoing the Physica and Dr Sujith Singh his Maximum support to the patient to get recover soon.
Shaik Dulshad
After my accident on my 2 wheeler for its skidding in sudden down pour of rain... I was shifted to Srikar Hospital by 108 Ambulance service. Immediately they took care of me in that emergency and under directions of Dr vinay kumar Orthopedic surgeon, I was advised and was admitted gor surgery of my shoulder dislocated and fracture. It went on successfully and all the other helping doctors and staff were very helpful. I thank Dr Vinay kumar and everyone supportive behavior and getting me discharged in 2 days . Thank you Srikara Hospital.
have got surgery from Dr vinay kumar. He has been explained everything in clear each and every step. My ACL legend was damaged due to bike skid. Even he helped in insurance without investing singer penny from my side expect small diagnosis which is required and not covered in insurance. I Will say he is one of the best doctor in Hyderabad in orthopedic.
Dr Vinay Kumar was good at receiving my Father Laxmi Naarayana murthyand surgery was done with high care. He explained about this surgery very clearly and my Father also liked his way of explaining and the way he recieved him. In future as well i will make sure that ilI refer Dr Viny Kumar to my collegues relstive and friends
Today our family is happy to see my grand mother coming back to home with successfull join replacement surgery. We sincerely thank to Dr vinay kumar MBBs, MS orthofor making the surgery a grand succes. A Special thanks to Srikar Hospital staff for excellent support and care in tough covid situations.
I am anil kumar i met have a accident on December 30 my leg facture I go so manu hospital for treatment finally I visited srikara hospital Dr vinay kumar sir given me treatment and he done surgery for my legs successfully operation done by VinY kumar sir now Iam walking perfect noo problem And my knee also not bending property again I consulted Dr Vinay Kumar sir he done my surgery successfully done my knee surgery now I am fine with walking TQ Dr Vinay kumar sir Dr Baradhwaj sir he helped me in my knee bending to walk Tq Dr. Baradwaj sir Physiotherapy is very good
Anil Kumar

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